Automated Link Building Vs. Manual Link Building

autamated vs manual backlinks

Link building had transformed into a strategic SEO tent pole and a divisive topic within the SEO community. Some believe link building is dead or that it should be avoided entirely. Many others, however, see it not only as useful but necessary if one wants to build a successful SEO campaign. The real challenge to this now is to build links properly. Because the landscape of SEO and link building is always changing, the importance of creating high-quality links has never been higher.

The need to recognize and implement valuable campaigns is not going to change any time soon. So, what exactly is link building? It is the process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites. And hyperlinks are a way for users to traverse between pages on the internet. Search engines make use of these links to crawl the web. There are many techniques for building links, some of which include automated link building and manual link building. These two are frequently run-after by webmasters and the link when it comes to creating high-quality links.

Automated Link Building

The real charm of automated link building is that it can help people with almost everything. Through this, one can send personalized emails, filter out unwanted links, and even analyze complex backlink profiles. Automated link building can assist in checking several search engine results pages and unearth valuable opportunities to earn links. With automated link building tools, there is no need to worry about maintaining a database of potential partners.

Probably the first action needed in automated link building is to gather data. Basic tools can be used to crawl the web and look for backlink data. With sufficient knowledge, a person effortlessly creates a list of all pages that connect to a specific URL or domain. Automated link building is for those who want to earn links without going through the hassle. This method helps one acquire high-quality backlinks and make the art of link building more efficient.

Manual Link Building

Like automated link building, manual link building will continue to perform a vital role in SEO. Without the conscious, strategic pursuit of links, one is missing out on search as a channel and essentially turning a cold shoulder on marketing opportunities. If many consider automated link building as an innovative tool, this second method is perceived as something that will never be obsolete. If there are people who prefer the first one because of its uncomplicated nature, others still stick to this since manual link building because this method allows careful identification and exactness of connection with relevant individuals. It is the delicate process of one person sharing with another person a precious piece of content that will resonate with that person.